About The Variety Store
About Us

          The Variety Store was established in 1939 by the late Rogelio G. de Jesus. It was first located at 391 R. Hidalgo Street, in front of Quiapo Church, Manila. During the second World War, the area was burned down by the Japanese forces. After the war, Rogelio reopened his shop at the Laperal Apartments, located at 2107 Azcarraga Street, which is now Claro M. Recto Avenue, Sampaloc 1008 Manila, right infront of San Sebastian College. It is still at the same location since its reopening in 1947. And it is now being managed by Reynaldo de Jesus.

          We at the Variety Store deal in Philippines and Foreign stamps and coins and paper money for collection; and also some philatelic and numismatic supplies. We specialize in Philippine materials in all periods from the Spanish Regime to the Aguinaldo Revolutionary Government, to the American Dominion, to the Japanese Occupation, to the Victory Year and to the Republic Period up to the present.

          We are members of: IPPS - International Philippine Philatelic Society, APS - American Philatelic Society, ANA - American Numismatic Association, PNAS - Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society, PICCCI - Philippine International Coin Collectors Club Inc., and many other local Philatelic and Numismatic Organizations.